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TMNT Classics Bebop & Rocksteady Revealed

Update: Well, it’s official! MTV Geek has now posted new images of Bebop and Rocksteady, along with several other new images of other TMNT toys, and  a video walkthrough! You can check them all out here!

Original: MTV Geek posted a few pictures to Twitter this morning, seemingly showing off portions of Playmates’ display being prepared for next weekend’s New York International Toy Fair. Seen in this display is, what appears to be, the Classics Bebop & Rocksteady figures!

Now, this can’t necessarily be considered a true reveal since it hasn’t “officially” been stated by Playmates yet, but I think it’s safe to say we’re looking at the upcoming Classics versions of Shredder’s duo.

Personally, I feel like these guys don’t look quite as cartoon accurate as the four Turtles do. Something seems off with their shapes, almost as if they are slightly stylized. Then again, this isn’t the best angle, so it may just be the photo. We definitely need to see some more photos of their head sculpts, especially from the side angle. But those pics will be hitting the net very soon, I’m sure. After all, Toy Fair is only a little over a week away, and yours truly will be there. I’m anxious to check them out in person.

So, what are your early impressions of Bebop and Rocksteady?



  • Frequincy says:

    They look pretty god. I like the weapns!

  • From that photo alone, my early impressions are not good. The turtles were a great hybrid of the 80s figures and the cartoon design, but those two… Maybe it's just the photo. I'll try and reserve judgement until Toy Fair.

  • @ottospooky says:

    These have been officially announced via Playmates' TMNT Classics page: http://www.playmatestoys.com/brands/teenage-mutan… That's been there since at least a couple of weeks ago 🙂 these look great, incidentally

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Correct, but this is the first image of them. And Playmates hasn't actually said "Here they are!" This is just a photo snapped by MTV Geek. In fact, for the first 30 minutes or so they were online, everyone thought they were customs. 😉

  • David (Barezz) says:

    Rocksteady looks pretty good, I'm not sure on BeBop…his head looks a bit odd. Definitely will need better pictures to make final judgement

  • Darren says:

    I'm not liking the choices made in Bebop's design. The original intent for this line was gonna be a hybrid of toy and toon and with these two it seems they're going more for a realistic toon update rather than the former. For example where's Bebop's extra details like the leg brace, the stichings of his pants, wrist chains or the skull ornaments that hung down from his turtle shell shoulder pads? I could excuse the extra ornaments or stitchings but his wrist chains and leg brace were both on the animated toon and the toy so why are they absent? As for the chains, they're replaced with another bulkier dogcollar bracelet? Why? These are minor nitpicks but they were still staples of both toy and toon.

  • Burningsatellites says:

    I'll wait for the reveal to give an opinion, but Bebop does look slightly off in this pic.

  • labrat1881 says:

    I saw a bigger image of this on the web and they look real good.They based them more on the cartoon.

  • Jay says:

    Kinda hafta agree with Pixelina, there’s something off about them, it’s a subtle nuance that will probably prevent me from buying these, if they’re supposed to be based on the cartoon, than, to me, there is no leeway when it comes to their looks. Close,but no cigar,easy pass for me. If they ever do MOTU Filmation style, I wouldn’t want He-Man’s face to resemble a specific actor or something other than his cartoon face,same with his chest harness and wristbands,etc…

    • Jay says:

      Also, what makes them “stylized” is their over detailed heads/faces, they needed to be more like Fang Man, simple sculpt.

    • Darren says:

      The original intent was to do a hybrid style of toy and toon, but the turtles had basic sculpts not too different from the original toy the only details would be veins on the arms and folds by the ankles and feet. The heads look similar to the cartoon but not too distant from the toy as well. With the newest wave of Bebop and Rocksteady there's no cohesion with what we've seen thus far at least from the neck up. The more brutal realistic heads are out of place with the rest of the body, Bebop's head especially looks like Lawrence Limburger.

  • Polo23 says:

    I always like both of these ******* when I was kid–But where is Shredder??

  • Suine Hallock says:

    Random thought I just had: What if it turns out this Bebop & Rocksteady are based on their eventual appearances in the IDW comic? Would possibly explain them not being '87 toon accurate and Playmates said last year they have an expansive range of characters they have the rights to for this line…

    • Darren says:

      Interesting if true. The core characters could be released but not specific to one genre. This could also expand the lifespan of this line somewhat with a nice diversity however this could also backfire, as fans wanting specific character designs may bail if after three or four additional waves and still no toon accurate Rock and Bop has seen released.

  • thomas says:

    I LOVE these and they look amazing.

  • Duncan says:

    I am puzzled by their pant color. Why not black pants for Bebop and brown or camo brown for Rocksteady?
    I do like Rocksteady's yellow shirt over the black toy version.

  • Jay says:

    Also, the turtles faces aren’t really cartoon accurate, they should be all the same and smiling.

  • David says:

    I think they look Bad A– but they need to bring out Casey Jones. now that would be Great.

  • […] were revealed this week, thanks to MTV Geek. Of course, everyone probably knows that by now. I even put up a post about it here on Pixel-Dan.com. Since the initial post, several more pictures and even a video walkthrough of Playmates’ […]

  • hugo says:

    i made a little photoshop to something more like i would gladly buy https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak

  • allofmycomicbooks says:

    Is this a line, like MotuC?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yep. Wave 1 was the four Turtles. It was release before Christmas at retail. Wave 2 is Bebop and Rocksteady here.

  • Bswayn says:

    Personally I want em! Can't wait to get em! Bring on more figures! I want Shredder, Krang and hell vehicles!

  • Barney says:

    Now these are cool kids toys. Awesome action features! I especially like the turtles that spring into action.

  • allofmycomicbooks says:

    I hope Pixel Dan does a review on these!

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