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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Gandalf & Bolg and Bilbo Baggins 3.75″ Figure Video Review

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The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey hits theaters Fall 2012, and to go along with it’s release is a brand new line of action figures from The Bridge Direct!

Join Pixel Dan for a look at a selection of the new 3.75″ action figures, including the Gandalf the Grey and Bolg the Orc 2-Pack and Bilbo Baggins!




  • Tony says:

    Great review! I don't know about tis figures, Dan. Is it me or are the Toy biz LOTR figures from TEN (10) years ago alot better. lol Neca, Mattel or even Dimond Select should be making these figures…

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Well, these are the 3.75" scale figures, so I don't want to compare them too much to the Toy biz ones. Like I said in the video though, I know it's going to happen no matter what. It's certainly a challenge for The Bridge Direct, as they have a lot to live up to because of Toy Biz. But they do have a 6" line that will be better for comparison, so we'll have to see how those are when I get ahold of some. 🙂

  • Keep in mind these are 4 inch figs. The sixth inch figs in the line are are defintely on par w/ Toy Biz IMO

    • Pixel Dan says:

      That's good to hear! I've definitely heard mixed things. I haven't seen the 6" figures in person yet, but some folks have said that even though they are 6" scale, the scale is slightly off to the Toy Biz figures. So i am glad to hear that they do fit in well. 🙂

  • Frequincy says:

    Nice review. I'm looking forward to the film. Not going to collect the line because of funds.

  • bharrisfan says:

    these 3.75-4'' figs are terrific. not on par with gi joe but close enough and they blow all other 3.75'' figs out of the water especially other movie figures. nice job to bridge direct. and im rooting for them to get better

  • joe says:

    Interesting that Bilbo's vest is removable. I wonder if a future release of Bilbo or Thorin Oakenshield might include a small mithril shirt accessory to snap in there? All in all, I think these are something I'm gonna buy, since I have bought more 3.75 in the past few months. Maybe I'll put Gandalf in Black Lion!

  • […] Gandalf, Bilbo, & Bolg (Pixel Dan Video) […]

  • […] Gandalf, Bilbo, & Bolg (Pixel Dan Video) […]

  • joe says:

    Welp, as of right now I have every single figure released to this point in this line. The 3.75 line is incredibly fun and the few doubles I got when I picked up some 2 packs are now on my work desk. The 6 inch figures are nice too, hope you can get around to reviewing more Hobbit stuff!

  • Berry says:

    you misspelled unexpected and during your review you called Bilbo , Frodo .

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