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MOTU Classics at Wal-Mart – ToyGuru Responds

So by now you have probably seen this image pop up online. This was taken at a Wal-Mart in California that apparently stocked an entire endcap full of MOTU classics Roboto and Gygor action figure. This of course created quite the buzz, since MOTUC is an online-only line. Even more odd is the fact that Wal-Mart is selling these for much cheaper than they were on Matty – $24.97 for Gygor and $16.97 for Roboto.

It seems to be an isolated incident, as this is the only Wal-Mart store that they have shown up in. Of course, a lot of questions have been raised. Why does Wal-Mart have them? And how are they selling figures that were “sold out” on Matty? That question especially burns for Roboto, a figure many folks missed out on originally.

I contacted Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich as soon as this photo surfaced to ask about it. After some investigation, Scott has finally commented publicly.

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