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Star Wars Vintage Collection ROTJ Nien Nunb Video Review

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From the Star Wars Vintage Collection comes Nien Nunb!

Join me for a look at the newest figure of this character from Return of the Jedi!

Video after the jump!






  • Harrig says:

    Just out of interest, why no comparison time on these figures, Dan?

    • Man-E-fan1977 says:

      He probably doesn’t have any other figures of this guy.

      • Harrig says:

        I thought it might be because of the type of figure, as I can't remember seeing comparisons for the other Star Wars figures, like Tarkin.

        I find the "evolution" of these figures interesting as the style varies so much for the different character depending on when they were made – like the super buff stormtroopers from the relaunch, and the more modern figures that sacrifice some sculpture finesse for superior articulation.

  • Fallen Eldor says:

    Rebelscum use to have comparison photos in their archive, but it seams they have stopped doing it for the most part. I find that frustrating because I'm extremely selective with my Star Wars purchases. With the endless recycling of the same characters & races, no real solid beginning and ending of sculptural eras or uniformity of articulation you have to be selective or wealthy…The collecting community really needs an archive of Star Wars action figure reviews that includes a cross section of previous reviews for comparison sake. Anybody know anything like that?

    • darthpaul1974 says:

      Hi, this is Paul from Jedi Temple Archives. We have a thorough database of reviews that showcase a lot of the stuff that you are seeking, including comparison pictures. I am one of the co-authors of The Ultimate Action Figure Collection by Steve Sansweet and he used some of the pictures directly out of these reviews (in addition to the ones I took specifically for the book). I hope you like what you see. Click on any Research Droids Reviews Index banner you find on our front page.

  • Jay says:

    This guy doesn’t need multiple figures, the original from 1983 still holds up just fine.

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