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Save Masters of the Universe Classics Campaign Videos

While there has been plenty of arguing and debate, one thing I love seeing is when fans can come together for a common cause to help support the toy line they all love. Many people have already begun posting many pictures and videos in support of the Masters of the Universe Classics (and DC Universe Classics) subscription.

I felt that it was time for me to help spread the word as well.

You can subscribe to both Masters of the Unvierse Classics and DC Universe Classics at MattyCollector.com. Feel free to repost this if you would like.

Many others have posted some cool videos as well. Here’s a selection of them after the jump!

Here’s a video from fellow toy reviewer and all-around nice guy Sean Long:

Here’s a support video from Mo-Larr. Hilarious!

Here’s an amazing commercial put together by Daniel Benedict, the creator of Castle Grayskullman!

Β And lastly, here’s actor Pon Maar who played Saurod in the live action MOTU movie asking for support!

I’m sure there are more videos out there that I have missed, but I think it’s pretty cool to see people taking the time to do this sort of thing.



  • Leo A says:

    Any updates on %. Im thinking of getting a 3rd sub. DOOOH!!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      We haven't been given an actual percentage update yet. Scott just posted a new video though, where he discusses what could potentially happen if the minimum subs aren't met. However, he seems very positive int he video that we will hit the minimum, so hopefully things are looking good on Mattel's end.

      • Leo A says:

        Thanks for the update Dan. You have calmed my nerves for probable another 2 hours or so.
        My nails have been bitten, staring on hair pulling in about 2 hours, followed by crawling into fetal position and calling out Ram-Man.

  • Aaron says:

    Stop bullying me you bully! Just kidding, I got my sub and I am hoping for Saurod and Blade.

  • Kolbe says:

    Well, if they sell the figures officially in Mexico and other countries I'll be more than glad to buy most of the figures. I hadn't had any chance to buy even a regular He-Man!

  • Jesús Santillán says:

    A giant of the toys industry need our help?! ,I do not think so…

  • He-Maniac says:

    I already doubled my subs this year. Gotta have a 2013 MOTU! I think you need to stop talking about 2014 MOTU. Your already begging for 2013 and then you keep mentioning another whole year. Let’s concentrate on 2013.

  • MAD_MAILMAN says:

    I've been subing since the begining and have been a loyal Masters fan since I was 4. Yes there has been issues with quality control and Yes my Thunder Punch He-man showed up with two right feet but regardless of all that there is now way any hard-core Masters fan can say that this line doesn't completely kicks ass. Just looking over and seeing them all there side by side in there respective factions, Masters, Evil Warriors, Horde, we can't stop now we deserve to have our collections completed. I'm subing untill the bitter end.

  • allofmycomicbooks says:

    Oh noes, Pixel Dan is an official spokesperson now! j/k, good & informing video! πŸ˜€ P.S. A little off topic: did you catch Kofi Kingston's 'afro-skeletor' trunks on WWE programming the few last weeks? πŸ˜‰

    -Andre the Midgett

  • Binks says:

    Hey Dan! Just curious…Do you get to keep the MOTUC figures that Mattel sends to you for review or do you give them back?

  • Eric says:

    Well said, Dan. Just did my part with a small plug for the sub at the end of my latest custom MOTUC blog post. "Drunk Orko" wants you to subscribe! http://www.insidiouscustoms.blogspot.com/2012/07/

  • isic says:

    I am a MOTU freak and I even have my whole right calf tattooed to prove it! But with that said, I no longer think that the MOTUC toys are the best collector's figures out there. I saw your review of the TMNT classics and was interested in them so I went on a toy hunt and were able to find all 4! Needless to say that I absolutely love them. In my opinion, this is what MOTUC should be! Really, pics or videos just don't do the TMNT classics justice. Compared to MOTUC they have more articulation, they come with stands and they are at least half the price! I figured that after tax, shipping and the cost of the figure with a stand, I spend about $36 per MOTUC figure. I paid $16 per TMNTC figure and I am actually more impressed with the TMNTC's! Not to knock MOTUC too much, but just like in the 80's, TMNT just might take my attention away from MOTU, that is if we get more than just the 4 turtles!

  • Lex says:

    Loved each and every one of these videos. Great stuff. I want Saurod sooo much now.

  • Master Beas says:

    I am getting a sub this week. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the Snake-men. But the way they keep talking him up in the Bio's and such I now hope that we still get a Dare at some point.

  • 2collect says:

    Thanks Dan. I want this line to continue. I have been getting the sub since the beginning and I love this line.

  • I feel and share you passion for this line, Dan. And I agree that they are the best action figures currently in production. (Alright, maybe in the top three, and that's only counting US toys.) But where we part ways– and I think the bulk of MOTU collectors part ways with the "super fans" (like those on the .org forums)– is that we DON'T want "all" the figures, as you do. We just want the actual CLASSIC figures from the original 80's line.

    I said it in another post here a few weeks ago, but the non-80's characters are, for the most part, very cool; but I don't need them at all. Maybe if one or two look and feel cool enough I'd pick them up, but if I'm going to be asked to SUBSCRIBE, sight-unseen, and commit several HUNDRED dollars of my income to this line, I just can't do it. Not for the mix and selection they're currently offering (and using to "pad" the line to keep it going longer. D'oh! Backfire!!)

    Many people have discovered that is actually costs a GREAT DEAL LESS to either "cherry pick" day-of sales– or even buy them on e-bay– then it does to commit all that cash to 30-40% of a subscription full of figures that we just don't want.

    If Matty could say for NEXT year what they are saying for 2014 (that it would be free of the "fringe" characters and focus on the vintage characters with a bit of POP and NA peppered in) then they'd meet their quota. I know I'd subscribe to that.

    But, in the end, the biggest flaw in Matty's plan in getting people to subscribe to $25 per figure (which, if you get one sub, totals to over $35 per figure with tax and shipping) on a BLIND-BUY commitment. Yes, the fans are devoted, but they also have many more real-life responsibilities beyond buying MOTU toys (not to mention other toys lines and collectibles), and tying that much money up on a gamble that you'll like the figures you get is just too high of a cost.

  • philip northen says:

    i need a credit card

  • Captain Triumph says:

    Great video Dan. I've already have my 3 subs purchased(and 3 for CIE as well). I did notice you didn't mention or show the fighting Foemen in your video…that was smart!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      LOL! Wasn't really a slight against them. It was a timing thing with the music, and wanted to focus more on those "heavy hitters." I rather like the Fighting Foe Men. πŸ™‚ But I understand I'm in the minority when it comes to concept figures and the like.

      • Leo A says:

        Hey man, Im with you. Love my heavy hitters, but Im a sucker for misfits, outcast, concepts, and camera heads. Bring me your drivers, pilots, spacemen, tank heads, star girls, teeth pullers, Bring them all on!!

        The more MOTUC in my universe the better. If this line makes it past 2014, Plunder better be on 4H's sculpting table. This line need a jacked evil rabbit.

  • Ace says:

    Few things, Dan:
    1: That is a hardcore collection.
    2: Absolutely awesome video. That echoes my feelings on the line to a T.
    3: Pixel Dan for Official Fan Spokesman!

  • mingrabudsa says:


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