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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze Sewer Cruiser Video Review

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They just keep coming! More crazy vehicles for the heroes in a half-shell! And of course, another one that utilizes the brand new Mutagen Ooze!

Join me for a look at the new Mutagen Ooze Sewer Cruiser!

TMNT returns to Nickelodeon on January 25th with new episodes!

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  • Jesús Santillán says:

    I agree. it's a very funny toy.

  • Joey Kelly says:

    Something I have seemed to notice on a lot of current toys is the overall look of the plastic. On these new vehicles there is a softer kind of marbleized cheap look. I have especially noticed it on newer Transformers and Power Rangers figures, and it usually is in the grey plastic. Some may say that it's meant to look metallic but I don't think so. Even the red on the cooler has a cheap look. If you look at the plastic on the vintage Technodrome for instance, it looks very sturdy and filled out with very solid color, so maybe this is just unpainted plastic that has this cheap look… but thinking back to those unpainted GI-Joe vehicles from the 80s, that plastic looked to be of great quality and very solid and opaque. Dan, do you think this is a cost saving measure of the times or just an aesthetic choice, or even possibly some sort of safety requirement as in an additive being added to the plastic to soften it by the toy companies?

  • jlp2711 says:

    Very cool and vintage like. Like that it is a nice vehicle that can also use the ooze, not like the helicopter that only exists to use the ooze. I hope they make a vehicle with a large ooze catapult / slingshot or a turtle version of the Horde slime pit.

  • All of this ooze dumping, especially in the water, makes me think Captain Planet is gonna be p**sed, lol.

  • Master Beas says:

    Dan I was just wondering if the new Ooze Turtles can fit on either one of these new vehicles. I know that their legs don't bend but from the looks of the videos that the figures dont need to that much on these two expectly on the Drop Copter.

  • Jonie says:

    Hey that's cool. Thanks for sharing

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