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Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Metalhead Figure Review

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Series 2 of Playmates’ new TMNT toy line is already beginning to hit stores, and among the new figures comes a classic character re-imagined!

Join me for a look at the sewer-build robotic Turtle ally known as Metalhead!

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  • dasbookpimp says:

    I love my Metal head. Other than the turtles this is the only other figure in this line that I've picked up. Of course I do plan on repainting him to give him a worn metallic look. Also, my figure had that same chip on his lower lip.

  • Feroz Nazir says:

    I was going to ask if the Krang would fit on top of his head, but you have that covered nicely.

    Still, is the most important action feature present? Being able to look at April without her noticing? 😉

  • He-maniac says:

    I was hoping Metalhead would be more articulated like the turtles and I was disappointed that there wasn't a metallic paint scheme, but I still like this figure. Feels like they missed out on making a fantastic update.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      While I LOVE the metallics of the vintage figure (I like shiny things!), I almost can't hold that against this new figure, because it's not really meant to be an update of the vintage figure, but an all-new take on the character, just like the vintage figure was an all-new take on the Mirage comics version. 🙂 But no doubt metallics still would have been sweet.

      I really wish the articulation was just like the Turtles as well. I wish this whole line was equal as far as articulation goes.

      • He-Maniac says:

        I haven't bought most of the figures because of the lack of articulation. Turtles, Metalhead, and Dog Pound. I've always liked the Metalhead figure and Dog Pound was just a neat figure. He feels really solid, which is cool. If the lack of articulation continues I will probably only get Bebop and Rocksteady. Casey Jones would just be lame if he's not fully articulated. Thanks for the reviews!

  • Tony says:

    His knee pads look like cheese!!

  • Man-E-fan1977 says:

    Apparently one of the episodes I missed.

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