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NECA announces SDCC Exclusive NES styled Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

This might be one of the most amazing SDCC exclusives I’ve ever seen, mostly for that whole “never in a million years did I think I’d see this figure” kind of way.

Figures.com broke the news about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con exclusive Jason Voorhees figure that is based on the way he looked in the classic Nintendo game. Since then, NECA has posted several more pictures on their Twitter account.

And he glows in the dark!

From Figures.com:

NECA’s Friday the 13th Jason (1989 Video Game Appearance) Comic-Con Exclusive will be a fully articulated 7-inch figure done up in that truly horrifying video game deco. Better yet is Jason’s glow-in-the-dark features. Jason’s mask, hands, and feet will glow a soft blue, while his included machete blade and axe head will glow white. This comic-Con exclusive will come in a special window box packaging with opening flap to re-create the look and feel of the classic 1989 Friday the 13th video game packaging. Fans can pick up Friday the 13th Jason (1989 Video Game Appearance) during San Diego comic-Con July 17-21 at NECA’s booth #3145. This exciting exclusive will be priced at $25.

Pixel Dan’s thoughts:

I’m really excited for this one. Considering I’m a fan of toys that are based on video games, how could I not be? This figure is so out of left field. I mean really, who thought we’d ever get an action figure based on this video game? On top of that, who thought that it would be a really good Jason action figure based on this video game? That’s amazing! And video game themed packaging to accompany it? And he glows in the dark? SOLD!

What do you guys think?



  • calciferboheme says:

    This is probably my second most wanted SDCC exclusive, after the Batusi Batman. I don't have a Jason figure, so one with video game colors is perfect, as I was a fan of the game before the films.

  • Eric Jones says:

    After Masters this is by fat the most exciting SDCC item. Actually it is probably more exciting just not as important! I can't wait to see the packaging for this bad boy!

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    Great concept!

  • barbecue17 says:

    This is a very incredibly cool exclusive and I definitely plan on picking one up. My gosh, NECA just comes up with the coolest ideas for exclusives and stuff. They really do pick stuff that's truly out of left field.

  • Frequincy says:

    Dirt posted a story on this guy a few weeks back. Looks awesome. Really cool idea for a Jason release. I forgot all about the game till I saw this.

  • baronterror says:

    I always loved it, and once I figured out what you were supposed to be doing, how to play it, as an adult, I've loved it even more. I still play this game once a year.

    This is a dream come true, and I didnt even know it was a dream I had.

    This is the first SDCC exclusive I've just had to have (ignoring the Mattel stuff, which they make very easy to buy after the fact) and I can only hope that Neca either offers it after the fact without alterations, or that I can buy one secondhand from ebay or wherever.

    Hopefully for less than 50 bucks, (why not hope for original price? heheh) but whatever the case I'll get one anyway.

    One of the few times I feel the box is an important part of the display. Oh sure I'll open it to play with, but affterward he'll go back in.

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