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NECA Alien 1979 Xenomorph “Big Chap” Figure Video Review

From Series 2 of NECA’s Alien line comes the original “Big Chap” from the 1979 film! Join me for a look!


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  • Frequincy says:

    I saw a NECA 2-pack with a Xenomorph and a Cain/Kane space suit figure a few weeks back. Have you seen those?

    This version is so cool. Love the look of the translucent head top from the first film. As a kid, I saw Aliens first and later saw Alien and the design differences really stuck out to me. I literally wore out my old VHS tapes from watching these films in the early 90s, collected all the Dark Horse stuff and was a super fan of the franchise. I have a lot of the Kenner stuff. NECA is doing a fantastic job with this property. I want to grab a few, but then a few becomes a few more and then I'm trying to get every figure.

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