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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #11 & #12

These teaser images are starting to hit my inbox faster than I can post them!

Here’s a double dose of images teasing the upcoming release of Masters of the Universe Mosquitor.

Another humorous one! Looks like Spector took out poor Mosquitor with bug spray! We can see a little bit of Mosquitor’s head and chest in this image. The piece of amber in Spector’s head is pretty funny s well. But this image pales in comparison to the next one…

Looks like Draego-Man is getting in on the action now. But wait! What’s this?! Is the top of Mosquitor’s head missing? A removable piece, perhaps? Maybe some way for filling with liquid? Also, this is the best shot of his chest we’ve seen so far. While it’s still hard to tell, I will say that it certainly looks like liquid blood in there! Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. But maybe not. Am I the only one who thinks that looks like liquid?

Friday cannot get here soon enough!



  • Sallah says:

    Is his head just maybe upside down in that pic… Meaning that we are actually seeing the bottom of it?

  • @fireball13z says:

    Yeah I think Sallah is right, DM ripped off his head

  • PusViper says:

    Did mattel decide to make the figure “pop”, By using a Red Hershey kiss wrapper in chest piece?

  • thomas says:

    indiana jones idol? Did they get the rights to these figures?

  • FakeEyes22 says:

    Gotta say, even if that isn’t flowing liquid in there and it’s some sort of paint that’s dried that way, the effect is still pretty nasty and effective as blood.

    I agree that the head looks upside down, with the way the surface of the “cheeks” looks.

    I’m wondering what the 2nd accessory will be. Thought it could be the amber for a sec, but that looks real and I doubt Mattel raided the gift shop of a Natural History museum.

    Regardless, he’s looking great. The boots and head alone make give him a unique look that’s pretty exciting.

  • Jarrod says:

    LOL! I think that pic with the OFF! spray has been the best yet.

    Certainly looks like liquid in his chest in that bottom pic.

  • Magneto76 says:

    That's definitely his head off the neck peg and upside down. It's the best way to get a rise outta you Dan without showing off the full head.

  • Magneto76 says:

    I like the mix of Kobra Khan and King Hiss arms for him..it works well.

  • Leo A says:

    Hmmmmm…. I agree that this is his upside down head in # 12. One more thing though, does that top piece (helmet) look removable ???
    The deep shadow around the black wrinkled skin make it look like two separate pieces. That would be awesome if they made it like the station, cause that was pretty freaky disgusting.

  • […] Pixel-Dan received more photo’s sent to him by Toyguru. This time Mosquitor is almost fully shown being held by Draego-Man. The top of his head is missing though, and no further information is provided at this time. We’ll have to wait until Friday at SDCC 2012 for more reveals. Check out the pictures inside. […]

  • @fireball13z says:

    Any chance its like those stickers with the liquid and glitter in them? like it has a soft insert that has some red liquid in it?

  • Eddie says:

    Anyone else want all new figures revealed this way. i think its fun

  • Lex says:

    I am really enjoying all these pictures. I kinda think that it isn't fluid though… I think we have only seen one accessory because he has swappable chest plates with different "blood deco" paint jobs. I agree it looks like blood on the recent picture, but I think it is a plate.

  • It does not seem to put a hole liquid … in fact you are looking at the bottom of the head Mosquitor!

  • Karew says:

    I think its not a plate, the “BAT “forma seems to have a rounded edge in the union whit the chest (you can see it in draego’s pic near the right shoulder), it looks like a full amor piece. I bet it has a flat chamber full of liquid

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