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Mattel Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Batman Figure Review

With the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises fast approaching, Mattel has released several new figures in their Movie Masters toy line!

Join me for a look at the film’s title character- Batman, from series 1 of the DKR Movie Masters line!

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  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    I don't care for the batarags,they're so small and I'm afriad I'l loose them. I picked up Batman and Bane at "Toys 'R' Us and the other figure at Walmart acouple weeks ago.

  • As I mentioned on the Bane review, besides the Bat Signal piece, one other reason to buy this guy is that at least these are of better quality than the TDK ones. I had to go through like 5 Batman figures (returning and re-buying, rinse, repeat) before I got one that didn't just fall apart. Mattel says they don't use cheap plastic, but the TDK MM figures sucked for that. I had issues with both the Begins Batman and the TDK Batman from that line. The other figures seemed OK.

    Anyway, these seem much sturdier and I do like the paint job more on this one, so I was OK with buying one more time.

    For those that haven't picked him up yet, K-Mart has an exclusive version of Batman with 3 blueprints (tumbler, Bat Pod, and The Bat) that adds at least a LITTLE more value to getting this guy again (just a little, though). Better than just the CAC piece, I guess.

  • Fallen Eldor says:

    Is the k-Mart exclusive edition, are the blue prints instead of or in addition to the bat-signal part?

    • Sorry I wasn't clear. You still get the CAC piece. The blueprints are a bonus (and seem to be in scale with the figure). They come in a little envelope with the movie logo on one side and "TOP SECRET" written on the other. I thought they were pretty cool and at least made me feel better about buying yet another Batman. But yeah, you still get the Bat-Signal piece, as well.

  • binks says:

    Mattel should have given this Batman figure batarangs along with his grappling gun. Plus adding a cloth cape would have given it a better touch. Something to set it apart from the TDK version.

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