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Masters of the Universe Classics Spinerella Figure Video Review

Join Pixel Dan for an early look at the upcoming MOTU Classics Spinerella figure!




  • darkmoon766 says:

    Dan, awesome review as always. I just wanted to say that I feel you could improve the MOTUC videos IMMENSELY by zooming in with the camera instead of digitally zooming on closeups when handling the figure for articulation/features. That is what makes your videos different than pictorial reviews (your still shots are AWESOME by the way) is that we can actually see how the figure works with you handling it as opposed to just still images. But when you do handle it, it is very low res and even proportionally skewed. You use your zoom feature all the time i.e. your Kane County toy hall etc. I just wish your MOTUC would get the same love here. It might take a couple more edit spots to cut out the zooming in and out but it is obvious that you put in a lot of work anyway, so to make these videos perfect it would be great to see that done.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I appreciate the feedback! Christina used to operate the camera for me so she could zoom in when I'm articulating the figure. But ever since our son was born, it's been harder for her to do that because someone needs to watch him. 🙂 So that's why I started using the still shot and digitally zooming in post. Maybe I'll try using the remote zoom and some clever cuts next time and see if that works better. 🙂

      • darkmoon766 says:

        Thanks for replying. I haven't seen you post @ he-man.org for a while or on your face book. With all of the things you have going on I think I speak for most when I say we sure are glad you still make time to do your videos and review our favorite toys.

        One question I have for you, is how you feel about Scott resigning from Mattel. As someone who was acquainted with him personally/professionally, how do you think this will effect the line? Personally I am sad to see him go. His updates and responses about the line almost made him seem like a family member to me. You know, love/hate 🙂

  • darkmoon766 says:

    By the way, I hope your son is getting better! Prayers to him and your whole family.

  • MadameRazz says:

    Dan did you not get an Arrow sample in? Great review!

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