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Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC Exclusive Rokkon & Stonedar Figure Video Review

The Comet Warriors have crash landed in Masters of the Universe Classics! Join me for an early look at the upcoming SDCC Exclusive Rokkon and Stonedar 2-pack from Mattel!

Rokkon and Stonedar will first be available at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, then afterwards on http://www.MattyCollector.com !



  • Motuportugal says:

    Still think those rock attachments are too big

  • Kleffton says:

    Is Stonedar a Gar that Rocks? 😛

  • Ricky1980 says:

    Great review Dan, thanks for getting it up before the pre-sale tomorrow. I kind of agree that the rock armor is over sized and clunky. I might opt for posing them in the more Filmation style without the arm and leg armor. The paint detail looks great on the figures. I'll be ordering them tomorrow.

  • Frequincy says:

    I like the vintage Stonedar face sculpt much more. It has a creepy, alien look to it that I don't see in the Classics version. His face always creeped me out a little growing up and I wish that translated. That's my only gripe though. I think they did a great job making these in the Classics style.

  • thebortster says:

    Another great review, can’t wait to get my hands on these. Really impressed with how big they are as rocks. Still not sure how I will display them: Filmation style? Rock form? Mid-Transformation? Aaaaahhhh…so many choises!!!! 🙂

  • M4n4t4rms says:

    Great figures i think, i always liked the vintage figures as well because i think they really stand out.
    And as always very nice review.

    Do you know exactly when they will go on sale on mattycollector.com?
    I would hate it to miss them.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      It'll be sometime after SDCC. Mattel hasn't announced the official date yet. I think it's usually the following Monday, but I'll make sure to confirm once Mattel announces it! 🙂

  • Frequincy says:

    Can their heads be removed like regular figures?

  • TMC1984 says:

    awesome review!!! …

    dude – when you posed those guys in rock form with he-man stood next to them, i geeked out! … the rocks are huge, man! …

    2 favorites from when i was growing up, and can't wait to grab them 🙂

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    Great review, Dan!

    Stonedar's face sculpt is an upgrade from the vintage line, imo. He came with his game face on this time around! As much as I love these two I can't help but to think about how simpler they'd function with 100% new sculpts and be able to transform into rocks without that rather large additional piece. But, these guys are very cool and I'm so excited they have the option of transforming into rocks.

    So Dan, after reviewing these guys what makes them not function like the original guys where no additional piece was needed?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      The vintage figures were very disproportionate and had unique articulation that allowed the arms and legs to fold in the way they did to create a rock. I don't think that could have been achieved on Classics and still maintain the standard Classics look and articulation. The figures would have looked really wonky if they had the neccesary articulation to actually fold up into rocks like the vintage figures, imo. I think Mattel/The Four Horsemen made a great compromise here to still allow the rock transofrmation and but also still allow thes eguys to fit in with the rest of the Classics line with standard articulation. 🙂

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