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Masters of the Universe Classics Loo-Kee and Kowl Figures Video Review

Join me for a look at the Loo-Kee and Kowl 2 pack from Mattel!





  • Frequincy says:

    I've been wanting these for a long time in this line. They look right out of the cartoon. I hate how they are being sold though. I never could get Spirit Of Hordak. Thankfully DiRT sold me his. I will be trying to get these all year.

  • Barezz says:

    Unless something is different with this Kowl, the head should be articulated. The WP one is and moves side to side. Mine was pretty siff though, and I had to work at it a bit.

    Might want to double check 🙂

  • cbomb23 says:

    Hey Dan, is Loo-Kee's head removable? Not that I'd really need it for any other figure just curious?

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