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Masters of the Universe Classics Batros Figure Video Review

Thanks to Club Filmation, we continue to get first-time action figures of many characters that only appeared in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series! Join me for a look at Batros!




  • Kevin522 says:

    AWESOME. to me he's just the standout character. He's the best looking outta the Sub. Shokoti and Strongor a close second. I'l have to gt a couple more…lol

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    Feeling Batros! I loved his character in his Filmation episode and love him in action figure form. When I finally finish my display case he most definitely has a place in there. Not big on the repainted weapon or repainted weapons in general. Wishing he came with some translucent power blasts or snakes from his episode. It's amazing how some figures are decked out with accessories and others get close to nothing. Since we probably won't see another Weapon's Pak following this year I hope repainted weapons don't become the norm in another add on sub like Filmations. Love how Plundor comes with Skeletor's axe but I honestly would of liked to have seen something unique for the character itself. But I guess I should just be happy Plundor even made it into the line :~)

  • Frequincy says:

    I like the molded on wings. I agree that's the best way of doing that feature. I still think Icer is my favorite figure from the Filmation sub thus far, but Batros is a close second.

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