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Major Matt Mason- Mattel’s Man in Space: Do you want a comeback?

I’ve already posted twice about the Major Matt Mason display at Mattel’s booth from this year’s San Diego Comic Con (found HERE and HERE.)

It appears that the story does not end there! Mattel contacted me today (along with a few other sites, I believe) to ask for links to any posts and discussions happening about the Major Matt Mason toy line and display at SDCC.

In my last story, I told you that Scott Neitlich told me they were curious to see if having this display was going to spark any conversation and demand for the brand. It appears Mattel is now looking for just this.

So, I’m leaving it to you to tell Mattel: Are you interested in seeing the return of Major Matt Mason?

Matt Mason is one of Mattel’s classic toy lines, and I for one would love to see it return in some fashion. But how would be the preferred method? Do you want reissues of the vintage line? Do you want updated action figures of the classic characters, perhaps in a Major Matt Mason Classics line? Would you want them in 6″ scale? Or perhaps in a 3.75″ scale to be compatible with the Four Horsemen’s Outer Space Men line?

I want to know what you think! Post in the comment section below! And keep in mind: Mattel is watching this space! So what you post here will go directly to the guys who could potentially be bringing Mattel’s Man in Space back!




  • JKM says:

    Yes, I would love to see Major Matt Mason return!
    I didn't play with him as a kid (I was born 1967 and guess that was only a few years too late)
    but read about him in books and on the internet.
    I would prefer him in the original size (6 inch?) and reissues would be fine
    although a Classics line might also be a good choice.

  • This is a classic and benchmark brand that has been in dire need of a resurgence for decades now!! The Horsemen have done such a brilliant (and cost effective) job with the Outer Space Men line that it would only be a natural for Mattel to tap them and their design for MMM! I was talking to Corn Boy at Comic-Con about this very possibility– the two brands running side-by-side and being fully compatible– just like they were in the 60's!

    And besides, it would be amazing to see some "classic" space toys out there again. Astronauts; those great dome helmets; exploration… Not sci-fi, far-future, shoot-em-up stuff– but bringing back the wonder of humankind venturing out into space for knowledge and adventure! God, I miss that kinda stuff!!

    Yes, Mattel, bring back Major Matt Mason!! Use the 4H model and make them compatible with the OSM figures! (It's also a great scale for some great vehicles!)

  • FigureFan says:

    I agree with everything said above. I got my Major Matt Mason toys handed down to me from my uncle when I was pretty young. I took Matt everywhere with me and apart from the Micronauts, MMM was my go-to toy line until Star Wars came out. I absolutely adorned this stuff and the sense of wonder and exploration it inspired.

    Definitely bring MMM back. But you have to do it with the vehicles. Then I'd be on board.

  • Paul Andrews says:

    Bring him back in both scales! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • DoctorKent says:

    Yes, bring it back, and bring it back in-scale with the OSM line that the Horsemen are doing.

  • jesusofmalibu says:

    YES BRING IT BACK! It even has shared parts so Mattel can do it on the sly. My older brother had these in the sixties and passed them onto me 10 years later. I like the idea of scaling them to OSM. So cool…

  • Wossy says:

    Bring him back but original size and with new characters please! A female astronaut and more aliens! And an actual ship that flies! And a new planet surface….

  • Thistlehair says:

    YES, that would be VERY cool!! Bring it on!!!

  • @Scotward23 says:

    I think bringing this back and making it compatible in scale with the Outer Space Men would be pretty great.

  • Craig says:

    I’d be interested in these if they were 6″ figures with accessories that were compatible/interchangeable with MOTUC figures.

  • slackrguy says:

    I would not purchase this line because I have my hands full with MOTUC. I think it is a cool line with some really great activity based vehicles that encourage "play" be it rolling along the ground or throwing a capsule up the air to have it parachute down. There s also heavy parts reuse between the astronauts which is great.

    Being a complimentary size to the 4H's Outer Spacer Men would really be essential to open the doors into tapping into an existing customer base. This would more easily happe the vehicles and playsets could be intergrated seemlessly with the OSM figures, because it could also enhance a collector's display. Plus, Mattel would not have to create a female character because the OSM have a female astronaut on the way. However, they could totally make their own if they wanted to.

    The idea has pontential and I think young kids would like the interactivity of Major Matt Mason toys, especially if they create things that shoot, like foam missles or something non-injury prone. I would avoid things that make sound as an appeal to parents. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • slackrguy says:

      Sweet Jeebus, I need to proofread my comments!

      *…essential to opening the doors to an existing customer base…*
      *This could easily happen if the vehicles…*

      PD, I'd like to take this opportunity to request an edit feature. ๐Ÿ˜€ haha

  • uchuace says:

    Absolutely. I was not born early enough to be a part of the Major Matt Mason generation, but I was fortunate to have an older brother who was. Inhereting all those wonderful toys from him made my childhood play alot more adventurous. The return of MMM is far overdue and I am estatic that Mattel is finally becoming warmer to the idea. While a smaller line compatible with The Outer Space Men revamp from The Four Horsemen would be fantastic and welcomed, I have to lean toward a MOTU Classics scaled Classic MMM line. The full team of astronauts, the aliens, oversized Cpt. Laser, bring it all. The only drawback is Mattel's reluctance to fully embrace vehicles for their modern collectors lines, because the Major is all about the vehicles. Still my wallet is waiting, let's hope Mattel makes the return of a great line from many decades past a reality.

  • AsrtoJoe62 says:

    Most certainly. I had the good Major as a kid and have an original Matt and all of the Japanese Leadworks figures from a few years back. Getting a reissued Matt along with the rest of his crew would be great! If they recreated many of the play-sets I'll be ecstatic. Not only would I buy them for me but for most of the kids I know.

  • wolfsfang says:

    Sorry, no.

    I have no interest in this line as I have no nostalgic attachment to it because as far as I know it was never released in the UK so it is not very well known here, if at all. But even looking past that minor detail the look of the figures do not really appeal to me

    • Gaz says:

      Hey Wolfe major Matt mason was very popular in the uk in the 1960s check out metropolis in Warwick toy store collectibiles lots of major Matt mason made by rosebud Mattel take care mom rocks

  • Mcorrigan says:

    It would be FANTASTIC if Mattel re-introduced the Matt Mason line in it's original format!!!

  • @fireball13z says:

    I would love it to be in scale with OSM

  • Greenporker says:

    I'd love to see it if they keep it VINTAGE in design and not some new musclebound stupid stuff.

  • Raymond Flores says:

    YES YES YES!!!! Please bring him back!

  • The Rocketeer says:

    Nope – no interest unless they do something with the line in 12" then we can talk.

  • Matthew Pak says:

    Yes. This is a no-brainer for Mattel, as four of the major characters used the same body in different colors. I would prefer to see two releases: a "classic series" that would be in scale with the originals and a new series using modern tooling and articulation.

    Oh, and P.S. wolfsfang Major Matt Mason was indeed released in Great Britain and Europe. I had childhood friends who spent a year in the UK and brought home lots of Mattel toys stamped with "ROSEBUD MATTEL MADE IN ENGLAND."

  • Andrew says:

    I'd like to see an updated action figures of the classic characters in a 3.75″ scale. The smaller size means cheaper vehicles and playsets, plus less room needed to display them.

  • James says:

    Yes, bring the line back! But do it in the size and style of the originals! I would have no interest in it if it was redone with solid plastic bodies or in the 3 3/4" scale. The change from the classic format is exactly why I haven't bought any of the OSM figures. If Mattel brought back a true Matt mason figure, then perhaps the Four Horsemen would finally do a proper 6" set of Outer Space Men figures as well.

    I'd be up for both reissues of the original figures, accessories, and playsets, as well as an expansion of the line to include new figures and accessories done in a vintage style. Maybe we could finally get Or and his Orbitor!

  • Somekindajoe says:

    The one toy that could entice me away from the GI Joe aisle as a kid! I still have my original Captain Lazer. He'd be so much happier with some re-issued Matt Mason buddies to share a shelf with

  • Paul says:

    Yes, please bring back MMM & the whole crew! Just like they were…that would be amazing.

  • SURFER62 says:

    Please bring Matt Mason to the screen in a 60's Kitsch-style film. (And for God's sakes, have an unknown play
    the part, so there can be sequels – skip the over-priced primadonnas like Tom Hanks and Will Smith.) This was
    one of my favorite action figures as a kid. A movie needs to be done right. Oh, and PLEASE include Captain
    Lazer and Callisto. Thanks.

  • Joey says:

    Oh yeah… And style him to have the awesome vintage feel! A vintage astronaut and alien line, how awesome!

  • Harrig says:

    they were in the UK – I had some of the bits – though not one of the dolls. I'd also like to see the Zeroids back, as when I got my Matt Stuff I got two of them instead of the dolls. I remember them quite well together. I have no Idea who would hold the rights now, though. I suppose since Tyco merged with Mattel, the Ideal line should rest with them, but it is probably more complex than that.

    • Somekindajoe says:

      Gotta agree about the Zeroids! Another great toy of that era that we'd all like see reissued!!

  • SURFER 62 says:

    As for the action figures, you should bring out a retro-ish classic re-do of the original toys in their original size, shape,
    etc. And definately a 1/6 scale version with full articulation for the serious collectors. I agree with the above about
    skipping the 3 3/4 size. Thanks again.

  • thesharkman says:

    i hope the good major makes a comback, BUT not in the scale of the 4 horsemen colorform aliens. if mattel did that, the line would die off in a day. bring it back as close to the original and it would fly off the shelf. all of us old farts would buy them up….

  • Heres the thing, I had know idea these guys existed until Marlena's bio came out and then I hunted through to get more info on them. I definitely like a MOTUC release to go with Space Marlena, only feels right. However I think the should do the proper release in scalewith the Horseman's Outer Space men and make them compatible. Also I'd really like them to keep the retro style packaging, that stuff is gorgeous (Sorry design geek head on) and needs to be echo. Plus more space monsters of a larger size!!!!

  • Joe90 says:


  • Al Hartman says:

    I would like to see the line reissued as-is, and a companion line of compatible but modern figures with standard articulation that doesn't have wires that break.

  • Ron says:

    Yes! Bring the Major back!!! I'd like to see him in the classic size, with remakes of the original staff and vehicles….then update him with a more diverse staff and modern equipment – – maybe a Mars mission with space ship and vehicles? How insanely cool would that be??????

    Sign me up right now.

  • drquest says:

    I think MMM was a great product line when it was released and could be another great product now.

    Today's kids, and to be honest, even today's parents aren't schooled on who MMM is, so getting a good retail product out there might be a tough sell. Kids of today seem to need to be told the story, or shown it as in a movie or cartoon series or whatever so if it could be tied in with something such as that it would help as a retail product.

    If it's going to be targeted for collectors, then just open the floodgates. Do not release these as smaller molded plastic characters and expect the collectors to line up. Making them similar to the originals with some variety, and cool accessories and you'll have a great line!

  • Firepatate says:

    Bring them back!
    The 4" scale could really open the possibilities of vehicles and play sets.
    Just don't make boring figures with only 5 points of articulations.

    • CV8 says:

      Bring back Mr. Mason and the gang…great toys and they will introduce new generations of kids to the wonder and imagination of space travel!

  • rtezai says:

    I would love to see it come back. Have re-collected a lot of the original toys, and there are some higher priced items which are harder to find, or lay hands to AND would be a great tie in with the Tom Hanks Playtone project to bring to the big screen which was indevelopment.

  • brian says:

    Yes only if make him different from the last time no gumby like body

  • @juancpineda says:

    Believe it or not, MMM is a bit before my time! But I think they should bring back this toyline just so Barbie can have more variety in the men she dates! Actually I think he would be important to stir up some young child’s imagination so he can become an astronaut. We need NASA back and the Major can do it!

  • Ed Havens says:

    OH MY GOD YES!!!!!! please bring MMM back. I was born in 1965. I think it was around 1969 or 1970 I got the space station and a bunch of figures for Xmas I remember that being one of the best times as a kid. My Gi Joes MMM and Zeriods man it di not get any better than that!!! A few months back on the GI Joe message board the Trenches we were talking about pictures of past Xmas's I posted a picture of my dad helping me open my Matt Mason Space Station on xmas morning. I have a 8 year old and he loves to play with my vintage MMM stuff I have. It would be great to see Repros of some of the most popular sets like the space station small card figure sets and some space ships. Would really like to see the glider, very hard to find. Mattle could also do a new version for the kids, that might go along with the new Movie. If anyone is reading this and would like the picture please email me or you can view it on the Trenches. Come on Mattle Bring MMM back!!!!!! do a better job than Hasbro, they could care less about the collectors anymore. Jerseygijoe__

  • Toby says:

    I have always been a big fan of the toy line since it's very beginning and have a collection of vintage Matt Mason figures and accessories to this very day. To see some sort of a re-issue of this great classic toy line would be very exciting. Maybe it could start with a re-issue of the original figures as commemorative collectibles, then graduate into something that would be of interest to younger generations.

  • Steve says:

    I would love to see Mason revived but not 100% convinced it was succeed as a "re-issue" given that I don't think today's generation has any interest in space exploration, particularly with the realties of the shuttle and space station programs: We know what these guys (and gals!) REALLY look like as well as how they actually live; Mason didn't particularly resemble the what the space program eventually turned into.

    There have been a couple of comments here regarding the film. Anyone know if that's still a viable project? That would obviously have a toy line connected with it. Thinking that if Mattel is vetting interest in the line itself, then possibly the film has gone into "turn-around" (Hollywood parlance for effectively dead).

  • JimAlexander2 says:

    I have an enormous affection for the original MAJOR MATT MASON line, and would enthusiastically support a relaunch by Mattel. I will say this–the CLOSER said possible relaunch would be in size and appearance to the vintage line, the MORE/BETTER I would support it (by purchasing multiple figures, accessories, vehicle sets, etc.). The further it deviates from its vintage appearance, the less interested I'd be.

    I have been a supporter of Round 2's Captain Action relaunch, and The Four Horsemen's Outer Space Men line (even though I was somewhat disappointed that the latter were modified from their original versions and reduced in size). Thank you to Mattel for considering this, and I would VERY much enjoy seeing this happen.

  • Tony Hardy says:

    Yes, please!!!! I was born in 1959 at the very dawn of the space age. Major Matt Mason was there to help pave the way for myself and kids of the 1960s with the U.S. manned space program. Major Matt's cultural and historical impact is signifigant and lasting. The brand is not to be underestimated. Reissues of the classic toy line (figures & vehicles), plus new items and the addition of alternate scales would be very, very attractive. I'd be in for all of it!

    I'm employed at a museum. A few years back we did an exhibit with some 1960s space related toys to tie in with an IMAX film that we were showing. I loaned Major Matt items from my personal collection for display. The kids went nuts over them! Day after day I would see children slackjawed over the exhibit of toys and box art. Occassionally they would throw temper tantrums because they wanted to play with the toys. Time after time I saw parents explain to their kids that these toys were from their own childhoods and were not available for purchase anymore. The kids would pause, catch their breath, then cry even harder! They were actually hurt by the fact that the toys were now unobtainable. You see, kids today are interested in space travel and going to the moon too. It's just that it's never really presented to them properly. The simple fact that we have gone to the moon and really can do these things is kind of unknown to them. This needs to be rectified.

    Major Matt's return is long overdue!

  • kenny jensen says:

    heck ya! bring it all back and dont change a thing,not even the packaging. just mark them in some way as being re issues and im on board for 2 of everything

  • Robert says:

    I loved Major Matt as a kid. I would definately love to see him come back IN HIS ORIGINAL FORM. If you want to introduce additional characters OK, but in the original size/format PLEASE! And all the cool working accessories too, don't forget them. Loved the sled and backpack along with the space station, walker, and unitread.

  • I know PD is probably hoping for a resounding 'YES!' from everyone, but in all honesty there's no chance of me buying any MMM. Way before my time and of zero interest.

  • PeterH says:

    I would definately be interested in the return on Major Matt Mason!
    I prefer the 6″ DCU format with plenty of articulation.
    I would like to see various figures (astronauts & aliens) , friends & foes.
    Loads of accessories please and vehicles. Oh and a space station/base.


  • E-man says:

    Major Matt Mason has a very special place in my heart as one of my absolute favorite childhood toys. I've accumulated a few pieces in recent years and they bring back many fond memories. I think a classic line of original style toys would be essential in re-launching the line after more than 40 years, much as Hasbro did when they brought back the 12-inch GI Joes. But Mattel would also need to address the interestss, desires, and expectations of todays kids. Let's face it. Toy technology has come a long way since 1970. Modern electronics could pack a whole lot more play value into modern day Matts than was even conceived of when the line came out 45 years ago. Compatibility with other similar toy lines would be a good idea, but as one of the major (pun intended) toy manufacturers, Mattel also has the opportunity lead the way and set new standards. It's time for the Major to come out of retirement!

  • Scott says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! I would love to see the toy line brought back!

  • wolfsfang says:

    forget my last post this is my new official one

    Do I want this new line?



    • John says:

      Hey wolfie stay of this web page if your not interested which is obvious ,remember Bambi and thumper ,if you can't say anything nice wolfie don't say nothing at all major Matt mason rules .

  • Greg says:

    I was born in 1971 and got the remainders of my big brothers' MMM collection and had a blast with them as a kid. Would LOVE to collect the stuff now, but the higher prices keep me from doing it (at the moment, I just collect G.I. Joe AT). If Mattel resurrected the line, staying true to the original design, I'd buy every piece they would release – PERIOD!

  • Jonathan Sheen says:

    YES! I would be THRILLED to see Major Matt Mason back on the pegs, and I'd love to be able to buy him again.

  • brandon says:

    yes bring him back Hasbro dropped the ball so now Mattell can pick up the ball and run with it

  • Wiliam says:

    I would love to see Matt Mason reissued just as they were when i played with them in the 60s.

  • frank says:

    Indeed I would, but I would want if not repros something to go along with the originals. Maybe new accessories and vehicles but with that vintage feel and look. Bring out a number of unmade items for the line such as Or and his Orbitor and the Space Rover as well as items from the Whitman coloring book and the Big Little Book "Moon Mission". Maybe expand the accessories for Scorpio, Callisto and Captain Lazer. If they came out with some 3.75" stuff as long as it was like original MMM and vehicles and accessories scaled to that I'd get it just for kicks. Heaven forbid they do something like the GI Joe Real American Hero garbage (3.75" or 12") or even some junk like the GI Joe Collectors Club coming out with 3.75" AT figures with gawd-awful rehashed RAH vehicle made in AT yellow to try to pawn off on us as AT. Something like that and calling it MMM, I doubt I'd waste my money on. My guess is, if MMM made a return, it'd be some double-jointed, over-muscled-bodied super-hero-looking astronaut in a Mars mission-looking space suit with goofy looking accessories and vehicles.

  • Daryn says:

    Yes, I would definitely be interested in these. A great point made by Mathew Pak as these would be fairly easy for Mattel to do with the same body in different colors with different head sculpts. I'd too, would like to see them done in the original size format.

    I was born in 1963, and Major Matt Mason was one of the first action figures that I collected all of the gear and vehicles for.
    In '63 of course the story was that we'd all be living on the moon some day. Maybe Mattel could update the Major and his team by shooting a little further like making his mission aimed at life on Mars.
    It wouldn't really matter though, if they'd stayed retro, or modernized him a little, I would no doubt give these figures a serious look.

  • kj1962 says:

    I have been hoping to see a a re-issue of the Major Matt Mason line for years. The original characters and scale would be great. But maybe updated with better joints (the old bending wire would break easily and most of mine soon had broken arms and legs).

  • Gordon Long says:

    I think this would be awesome, Mattel! Make them look like real people (real astronauts aren't musclebound bozos like GI Joe), include lady astronauts and tons of accessories and vehicles (using the old razor/vehicle philosophy), make them in the 6 inch size in the original packaging design and color scheme, and have a 12 inch collector line for the collectors. Oh, and no wire bodies, make them articulated so they can better use their accessories and vehicles without breaking in two minutes. Please, Mattel!

  • Dr. Norman Easterday says:

    I would prefer reissues of the vintage line in the classic blister packages and boxes but I would purchase the original characters and equipment in new packaging if Mattel chose to re-issue the Major Matt Mason line.

  • Devall says:

    Yes! But keep it to scale with the current releases of Outer Space Men from 4H! This line doesn't need any type of updated look as a 6 inch line or anything like that. But don't try to make a long term line out of this. Make it a line of a handful of great releases and see what happens. THEN if things go well expand.

    This is a line that, while many people don't have any connection to, it is one of the most legendary toy lines of all time and it deserves some more time in the sun!

  • Ted Eckel says:

    BRING BACK MATT!! I will buy in any scale.

  • Mark Geddings says:

    With the resurgence of American manned space flight in the near future, the time is ripe for
    either a classic MMM re-issue (with modern materials to modern safety standards) or a MMM
    reboot in the style of SpaceX's concepts and plans. These toys fired the imagination of a generation
    of American youth, we need to fire that imagination again. Have the original crew, with female characters as well
    and include cosmonauts, takionauts and other international astronauts to round out the Earth explorers. Include
    some of our alien friends as well, (just have them coming from other stars rather than Solar System planets modern kids aren't stupid)..

    This will sell big with the proper ad campaign, in collusion with the planned movie..just keep the sizes the same (those original
    figures were sized perfectly)

  • Michael Norris says:

    I'd love to see MMM in stores again!

  • Sherwood Crump says:

    Bring the Major back!!! I spent many hours playing with Major Mason and Sgt. Storm in all kinds of adventures. Just don’t make them like the originals with cheap wires that break and paint that flakes off.

  • Megojim says:

    There has never been a toy line that went were MMM did. Even today, with all the technology, MMM was leaps and bounds ahead in design and overall concept. I would love to see MMM come back to the toy shelves. I would also like to see it based on previous and/ or future NASA designs. Of course we need to handle up on some White House cleaning for NASA to get back to doing what they do best!

  • Dennis Widner says:

    Yeap..all of it. Dedicated MMM fan!

  • Captain Fan says:

    I would love to see the return of Matt Mason. Complete with Space Station and Space Crawler. All in original scale.

  • Scott says:

    I would buy the line again.

  • Gary Dawson says:

    Oh yes it’s time mego has rereleased some great figures it’s major Matt masons turn come on Mattel make it happen cheers .thanks to John Easton’s fantastic major Matt mason pages cheers Gary.

  • Gary Dawson says:

    Check out John Easton's wild toys.com for all the major Matt mason info fantastic site . Major Matt mason will be welcome back anytime great toy line Mattel gary

  • Mindless-Focus says:

    Absolutely, but they must be in the same scale as the 4H's OSM who were released originally to complement the original MMM. Anything outside this scale will be an absolute bust for these. Plus, it will be cheaper for Mattel to produce and would allow us the possibility of vehicles. As much as I like the larger scale, these have to be done right and done in OSM scale.

  • sandy says:

    OH god yes bring it back ASAP
    and take my money
    a true iconic brand


  • Peter says:

    Absolutely bring them back and the vehicles and accessories. I'd much rather see them in the original scale with original style packaging. I think the OSM scale would make it difficult to implement a lot of the working MMM accessories.

  • brine says:

    I would love to see him in all his original glry!!!

  • Izdawiz says:

    Yes. Done by the Four Horseme with lots of aliens

  • Dan says:

    yes,, bring them back

  • Robert Law says:

    Yes please bring him back would love to see a reissue of the classic line and vehicles , I would go mad and suppport it by purchacing every thing which is released !

  • Adam says:

    Add me to the list of those who want them, but only if they are compatible with The Outer Space Men. That is an absolute must.

  • Jim says:

    I would love to see these remade the same as they originaly were. The sled, crawler, station and moon suit were great and I would buy them all.

  • James says:

    Hi all!

    I see in the reponses on this blog that, while plenty of people want them to bring back Matt Mason, there seems to be a fairly even split over whether or not to bring him back as he was in the 1960s or to shrink him down to 3 3/4" size to match the current run of Outer Space Men figures. Personally, I only want him if he's a proper repro. If they mess up the scale, I won't be buying, just like I refuse to buy the miniturized Outer Space Men. What I'd really like to see happen is for Matt Mason return as he once was, and for the Four Horsemen to get the stick out of their collective behinds and give us a proper reproduction of the Outer Space Men!

    Honestly, though, I have doubts that Matt Mason — in any form — would do well in a general retail market these days. But if Mattel focused the line as a Matty Collector exclusive (As they have done with Master of the Universe, Ghostbusters, Voltron, and parts of the DC Universe lines), they'd probably have a winner.

    • Mindless-Focus says:

      wow. Pretty ill informed, much? The 4H dont have a "stick" to remove. Remember, the OSM are a licensed property. The 4H have to do as the property holder instructs. In this case, Mel Birnkrant is the property holder and dictated the way he wants -his- OSM to be released. This is how he wanted them done. Also, pretty sure they don't have $300,000 lying around to burn on 8" figures as its generally $10-$20k for a fully tooled new figure. A little fact checking wouldnt hurt next time.

  • Angie says:

    i would love to see Major Matt Mason make a come back. Bring him back, Mattel!!

  • Chris says:

    Quite frankly, the MMM line NEVER should have ended! I remember being 10 years old and was ANGRY that MMM had been discontinued. By all means, bring the Major and his buddies back into service! Chop-chop & pronto! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gary says:

    Major Matt mason movie

  • Gary says:

    Any news on major Matt mason movie ? I'm sure lots of the younger kids would get into major Matt mason figures etc after seeing a movie on the major on the moon ,any news Mattel ? All the best Gary.

  • kmart says:

    Absolutely want MMM back! Had damned near everything as a kid, used to play with them while watching Apollo on TV and remember wishing for a matching-scale space pod so I could turn Matt into Frank Poole from 2001

    I hit on a great flea market find in 87 where I got the moonbase, lunar rover and a few figures and spacesleds for ONE BUCK (in the moonbase box!) but several years later my roommate's friend decided to take a gray spray paint can to the whole display … serious tragedy!

    I've been very high on the movie for forever, mainly because I was hoping they'd do something very avant garde with it (have had a MMM twisting-reality storyline for years now that would make YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE seem tame), but the fact they're just doing a riff on Clarke's A FALL OF MOONDUST or one of Bova's Chet Kinsman stories is a serious disappointment to me.

    Still, this could be the beginning of what I've hoped for since FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON … I've always wanted to see Hanks adapt Clarke's unused ideas for 2001 under the title of HOW THE SOLAR SYSTEM WAS WON (which was the private in-joke title Clarke and Kubrick had for their film in early days.) Would make a helluva miniseries, and god knows the space program could use some decent PR

  • […] I’m way behind on this, but a few weeks back Power Pal Pixel Dan asked me to help promote the fact that Mattel is apparently curious about what kind of interest […]

  • Greg says:

    I would love to see a one-off Matty exclusive 3.75" Matt Mason done by the 4H (compatible with the Outer Space Men of course)!

  • Zachary says:

    Please bring Matt, Captain Laser, Mephisto, and all the great vehicles they used, BACK! I don't care what form, just do it. An 18 inch updated Captain Laser would be a jewel on the shelf!

  • Pixel Dan says:

    It's pretty great seeing MMM getting such an overwhelmingly positive response here! A month later and comments are still comign in on this subject! Fantastic! I've been passing this off to Mattel, so they see all of these comments. As I said before, I can't guarantee that they will defiitely do something with the license, but it certainly doesn't hurt to keep showing them that we care! ๐Ÿ˜€ So you guys keep posting, and i'll keep passing to Mattel!

    Thanks everyone!

  • zoid says:

    it would be a great tribute to Neil Armstrong if they named a new character after him. Now that NASA and JPL have sent another Rover to Mars this is the perfect time to bring back the series in the exact same scale and same accessories, and maybe capture the imagination of children again.

  • David Van Cleve says:

    Although I loved this line of toys as a child, I feel it might not translate well on the one hand, and fear that my cherished childhood memories will be trammeled by another over-glossed Hollywood dud.

    Leave him in the past where he’s safe from my cynicism ; )

  • Jonathan Hamm says:

    Yes, by all means YES. There is far too much crap and not enough toys that have history and good, honest play value. MMM was always about the wonder of exploration as well as the dangers. Most of the line was based on NASA concepts and I think that's where it's strength will lay. If MATTEL can come up with an Lunar Lander and Command Capsule w/Service module, I think it would serve them and many generations well. Im tired of seeing Ninjas and Jedis and whatnot, get back to MMM. Hell, you could even have him explore MARS!

  • Ray K. says:

    A huge MMM fan and collector here. While i'd of course love to see a new line based on the vintage figures, I'd also love to see a 12" version – sort of like G.I. Joe in a Matt Mason suit. It'd be great to have the backpack and some of the other gear scaled up in size.

  • Sgt. Storm says:

    YES, PLEASE, bring MMM back in its original size. Maybe instead of the wire skeleton, a different, more durable skeleton should be used. And maybe there are some safety standards which have to be followed today. It doesn't matter as long as the figures remain in the 6 inch scale and look like the original figures looked.
    I also think, that an additional 3 3/4 toy line would be great, but I mean additional.

  • Jonathan says:

    Yes, bring the line back. There is nothing but garbage out there in the toy aisle, its time to get back into adventure in space and the wonderment of that last frontier. Honestly, I think Mattel, you could do both scales, the classic bendy figure and the 3 3/4 inch line with vehicles to go with. If you really want to push it, you could do a WALMART exclusive ultimate MMM 6 inch figure that could be re done in all 5 colors==white, silver, red, blue, and yellow. I would sooo be on board. At the 3 3/4 scale, they not only would be SW and GIJ combatable but also OSM and every other small scale.

  • Scott says:

    Put me down for a set, I'll pre order any new MMM toys as long as the scale remains true to the originals


  • Gary says:

    Hi could Mattel give us any updates for major Matt mason as this toy line was so ahead of its time I'm sure the young and old would enjoy some new figures in the old designs with some new updates ie the wires need relacing with something more resilient cheers Gary

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I've been sending Mattel regular updates and showing them that folks are still posting in this thread. They just thank me each time and don't say anything else. Most likely, MAttel will not actually say anything about this until they are ready to announce something. So the best we can do is just keep making our voices heard! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Johnny B. says:

    Now that the Tom Hanks MMM movie is picking up a little steam, I have been surfing for info on a re-issued toy line. I keep landing here. I’m 50, and of course, a big MMM fan when I was a kid, and collector since my mid-30’s… Like most others here, I’d LOVE to see a faithful recreation of the line by Mattel… However, I must admit, I would not be interested in any size- altered Matt, or one that was “modernized” and/ or updated (as Joe King wanted to do about 15 years ago… Keep it “real”, Mattel! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ‘Just my 2 cents..

  • spike says:

    if Mattels makes it originl size count me in as i have a few of my childhood heroes still with me capt lazer matt , my space station is long gone so i am waiting for them just look at leadworks copies they were selling good , P.S.i m north of the border Canada and lots of interest here for them

  • Ben Green says:

    Absolutely yes.

  • Scott Cramer says:

    Yes, I would love to see mostly a re-issue of the classics including some of the accessories ….. and maybe some to go with the movie. ……. if done right this could be good…. there are an awful lot of us boomers out there that had and lived this toy and would love to hold one again.

  • Scott Cramer says:

    …..vintage design I might add….

  • Fktl says:

    I am a french collector and I say LET'S BRING HIM BACK. no matter what size (3,75, 6 or in between) but we need Matt Mason to come back !

  • Bill says:

    More Mason, yes.

  • bilnlisa says:

    Please bring back this series. I have been hoping for this for years.Please bring back all the original vehicles. Iknow it would be a major
    success as my children and grandchildren love playing with the few items I have managed to collect. A reasonably priced line would also put am end to the greed in the market one encounters when trying to purchase these toys. I would support this venture wholeheartedly.

  • MikeMattMason says:

    Hi Everyone Yes!!!!!!! I have the old MATTEL Matt Mason line I am very excited by this and would love to see him reborn. I am on a Major Matt Mason Forum on facebook of the same title we have 600 strong and all would like to see this figure remade . here is some of my collection AN PS MATTEL please make them affordable and compatible with the vintage figures as I can buy a very mint vintage one for less then $30 complete with helmet and visor here is a picture of my collection . https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=102032522

  • gedwardsfam says:

    Yes, bring it back. Original 6" size. Everyone had one that was my age as a kid- boys that is… The only toy that I can recall that everyone brought to school. Space program was huge in those days..

  • Decatur82 says:

    Yes, I would like a comeback. The 6 inch size is preferred but 3.75 inch is ok. Please make the products affordable for the younger generation . It was a major blunder for Mattel to take this popular toy off the market.

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