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Hasbro Star Wars Trade Federation MTT (Multi Troop Transport) Video Review

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Hasbro’s latest Star Wars large scale vehicle release is in stores now! Many fans were very happy with the previous vehicles, the Millennium Falcon and the AT-AT. How does the newest one measure up?

Join me for a look at the new Trade Federation MTT (Multi Troop Transport) as seen in Episode I: The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars!




  • Henrik108 says:

    I’m sorry but this MTT is horrible! I was very disappointed when it was revealed because it felt that nobody really had this vehicle on their wish list.
    I’ve got the big Millenium Falcon and i even got two of those huge AT-AT walkers and I have them displayed in glass cabinets with lights and everything and the look incredible! When I have visitors over at my house, they all are amazed over those iconic Star Wars item even if they are not fan boys like the rest of us.
    But this? Would you honestly want to display the MTT in public? It looks like a brown sleeping dog full of fleas, sorry unarticulated droids.
    Had it been in camouflage color or plain gray it would have looked much better. Sure, the motorized action feature is pretty cool, if you are one of those who actually play with your Star wars toys, but imagine this.
    The opening sequence from a new hope when the Star Destroyer “swallows” the rebel ship Tantive IV. Let’s have THAT as an action feature on next year’s big vehicle from Hasbro, a big whooping Star Destroyer!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      So is it just the vehicle choice you don't like? The design of the actual MTT? I'm not disagreeing with you…it's definitely no Falcon or AT-AT. Hell, that Falcon is amazing and is hard to beat, That's exactly why i said in the video that the strike this has going against it is that it from the prequel trilogy and isn't iconic like the Falcon or AT-AT. Those are certainly both better looking and better toys, I agree. But I was surprised with how fun this one was. I think kids will definitely get a kick out of it, which was another point I made sure to make over and over. 🙂 This will work great for a giant battle display as well, if you want to set up a big battle with Battle Droids.

      So I feel it's definitely a "personal preference" thing. 🙂

      • Henrik108 says:

        Yes, I think you are absolutely right about the personal preference thing and its playability.
        I guess since I’ve invested sooo much money and time on the Star Wars franchise, I just felt that I was robbed of the awesome "once a year big star wars toy" release. It was kind of "Hey, on this year’s raffle you just won a brand new car! Oh no its a Honda Civic.."
        Of course it was only logical to cash in on the newly released 3-d versions of episode 1, 2 and 3 or whatever the plan was. So what’s the next year’s big bad Star wars toy, if you had to guess or wish?
        Thanks for a great review, as always.

  • Tony says:

    Hey! !! JAR JAR IS A LEGEND, MAN!!! 😛

  • bharrisfan says:

    thanks for the review…ive walked by this thing and thought what a monstrosity, but seeing all the features/compartments in action have endeared it to me. i think my kid would love to load this thing up with joes and it would totally work as a startship troopers thing.

  • Ddd says:

    I am life long Star Wars fan but I cant imagine how anyone is still into the toy aspect of the line…

    This vehicle is really cool though..

  • Jyrki_Piirainen says:

    What's that exact name for this huge's "Millenium Falcon" name so I can search it from web? And Dan, why not make review of it too. Thank you.

  • Henrik108 says:

    He did a review of it in 2009 🙂

  • Jyrki_Piirainen says:

    Thanks for link

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