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Hasbro G.I. Joe Dollar General Storm Shadow Figure Review

Dollar General stores have been receiving some pretty cool G.I. Joe repaints!

Join me for a look at the Storm Shadow figure from this exclusive wave, based on one of the Storm Shadow figures from the 90’s!








  • burningsatellites says:

    I cant believe this is a Doller General figure…. I want these to go with my 25th ANNIVERSARY Joes.

  • I also have this figure. love it.

    It caused me to track down an old 12" Hall of Fame SS (same outfit) and make a custom 12" version of this figure using the clothes from the old one.

    • BTW: That little knob is for a throwing star, as far as I can tell. It fits one nicely.

      Also, I took a white twist tie, wrapped it around the sash, and it holds the sword well.

  • Sam (aka straightedgehe-man) says:

    Great reviEw. There’s proBably a ton of options but i was thinking you can use the little sWord sheath that cAme with the retaliation storm shadow To hold the sword that came with the DG storm shadow

  • bharrisfan says:

    love the gi joe reviews. stopped buying joes around '89 so i never knew this version of storm shadow.
    but i really dig it and prefer the update to the original (sans gold) but do wish he had the white speckled snowflakes.
    lookin forward to the reviews of the shipwreck et al

  • Lord Of Destruction says:

    I agree that this was one of my favorite costumes for Storm Shadow. I'm actually going to make an exception to my vow on this figure. I swore, much as I love Storm Shadow, that I would not buy another one of his figures until Hasbro put him back on the Joe team WHERE HE BELONGS! I grew up with Storm Shadow as a Joe and that's how I like him. That's one thing that bugs me about this figure, his stand has a Cobra symbol but the outfit is based off his Joe team suit.

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