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Hasbro Amazing Spider-Man Mega Cannon Spidey Figure Review

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Hasbro comes a slew of figure variants! Join me for a look at one of the many Spider-Man variants in this new Amazing Spider-Man toy line!

From the Comic Series comes Mega Cannon Spider-Man!

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  • binks says:

    I picked up the The Amazing Spider-Man Web Cannon Spidey (Concept Series) figure up today and it's pretty cool looking. The darker coloring and the silver spider logo on his chest stand out nicley. Kinda reminds me of the Alex Ross Spider-Man redesign he did a few years back that never saw the light of day. In all i think the movie line isn't bad! They have some pretty cool looking Spider-Man figs.

    • I agree, but my main complaint is that the articulation sucks… although these figures are still MILES better than their TDKR counterparts. Those atrocities look like Happy Meal toys… and not even good ones.

      • Oh, yeah, one more thing. I'm a big Venom fan, and I really like the Venom figure in this line, but he's BLUE. Why? instead of being black with blue-ish highlights, he's blue with black highlights, which just looks dumb. It's a good sculpt, but he looks like the symbiote got it's hands (tentacles?) on a Smurf. This gives me nerd rage.

        • King Kaiju says:

          In alot of comics I've read Venom looks blue with black highlights. I like that most of the Spidey figures are based off of differnt comic costumes such as Ben Reily and Mangaverse. It's just to bad they droped the ball on the articulation.

          • I never like Venom being blue, in toys or comics. They call it "the black costume" for a reason, lol. It just bugs me.

            Like you, I also like that not all of the costumes are completely made up. I picked up this figure and the Ben figure just to have the pair. I also have the super pose-able one, although his freakishly long legs kind of ruin him for me (he looks OK as long as he's not standing straight).

            I think those are the only figures I'll be getting from this line, though. Ball-jointed hips would have made it a lot better.

  • andymort says:

    Wow, Spidey's been working out…! Will you be reviewing the black costume figure from this line? If he's as buff as this one I might get it just to claim it's Kraven from when he impersonated Spider-Man during the "Kraven's Last Hunt" story… Then see if a headswap would work with the forthcoming Marvel Universe figure of Kraven, and give him a GI Joe shotgun…

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