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DC Direct Arkham City Series 2 Mad Hatter Figure Review

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The Arkham games include some great character designs that lend themselves well to action figures! DC Direct keep on pumping out highly detailed collectible figures of Batman and his Rouges Gallery!

Join me for a look at The Mad Hatter from Arkham City Series 2!






  • Will says:

    It's not just tiny, he's clearly under scaled.
    small figure, inaccurate scale, no accessories, same price as the others? I see some deal breakers here.

  • richard says:

    That figure looks awesome to me.

  • Stygian says:

    These Arkham game figures seriously creep me out- especially hatter and Riddler. Catwoman is a strong figure and turned out well, but the rest just DO NOT speak to me. Weeeeeellllll…. except for Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc, but they haven't come out yet. Can't wait to see your reviews once they do, sir.

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