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Saturday Programming Scehedule revealed for Power-Con / ThunderCon 2012

Power-Con / ThunderCon 2012 is rapidly approaching, and the official programming schedule for Saturday has just been posted! There are a lot of fantastic things to see at the show, including several featuring yours truly!

First up, I’ll be moderating the Legends of Toy Design panel, featuring an amazing cast of talented panelists including Martin Arriola, Mark DiCamillo, Eric Scot Frydler, Eric Treadaway, Jim Preziosi, and Eddy Mosqueda as they discuss the process of creating action figures for Masters of the Universe, Princess of Power, 200x, New Adventures, and Classics!

Then, don’t miss my screening of a new episode of Power & Honor: The World of MOTU Toys! Immediately following the video screening will be the Roast Gooble Dinner / MastersCast Panel which will be recorded as a live podcast!

Plus, I’ll be walking around doing plenty of filming all day long, so definitely come up and say “Hi” if you’re there! I may even put you on camera!

Click through for the full Saturday schedule! Hope to see you all there!

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Revised: Power-Con Exclusive MOTU Classics Secret Accessory Details Revealed

I revised this post to clarify the information. I realized that I may have inaccurately quote Scott from Roast Gooble Dinner, so I have corrected this.

There has been much discussion over the past week about the announcement that Mattel will be giving away a free Masters of the Universe Classics accessory at this years Power-Con to everyone who attends the show. Thanks to Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich, we learned a few new details on the latest episode of He-Man.org’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, which we recorded yesterday and is already online for listening!

Here is a run-down of the details we received:

  • On a personal scale of 1 to 10, Scott put it at a 7.  He said it’s something you can live without, but it’s kinda cool.
  • He called it a happy accident and they realized they could do something with it.
  • The Four Horsemen sculpted it.
  • It’s a weapon.
  • He said there’s not that many of them, and they had Power-Con coming up  where they could do something with them because they didn’t have enough to do something with at SDCC.
  • Saying the color would give too much away about what it is.
  • It is polybagged.
  • In regards to if it will be available any where else, he said it depends on how many are given away at Power-Con

In regards to the limit of 1000, Power-Con is guaranteeing the first 1000 tickets sold will get this accessory. Mattel has not stated a specific production quantity. We only know there are not many of them. How many are claimed at Power-Con will determine if ANY are left over. We’re sure Mattel will let us know what they will do with them IF any remain.

So, there you go! If you are a completist and can’t live without this exclusive weapon, you may want to make arrangements to either get to Power-Con, or find someone who is willing to pick one up for you (but you still have to purchase a ticket!) Also, Pixel-Dan.com sponsor FantasticPlasticToys.com still has a few pre-orders available for the accessory if you wish to go that route!

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Power-Con / ThunderCon Returns September 22nd & 23rd 2012

Power-Con / ThunderCon is the convention dedicated to all things He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats! The convention returns September 22-23, 2012 at the Torrance Marriott South Bay in Torrance, CA.

For more information, please visit http://www.thepower-con.com

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Come see me at Power-Con / ThunderCon 2012!

Are you going to Power-Con / ThunderCon this year? If so, make sure you come see me! I’ll be working the show once again this year, getting lots of footage and images for He-Man.org. But on top of that, I’ll also be taking part in several scheduled events!

On Saturday at the After-Hours Mixer, I’ll be screening a brand new episode of Power & Honor: The World of MOTU Toys!

I’ll also be taking part in the Podcasters Panel, featuring Jon Kallis and James Eatock from MastersCast and Val Staples, Danielle Gelehrter, and myself from Roast Gooble Dinner!

I’ll also be hosting the Cosplay Contest, so make sure you guys wear your awesome MOTU and ThunderCats costumes on Saturday!

Power-Con/ThunderCon is the He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats Fan Convention taking place September 22-23, 2012 at the Torrance Marriott South Bay Hotel in Torrance, California! Tickets are on sale NOW, so don’t miss out!

For more information, visit ThePower-Con.com. Hope to see you all there!

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