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Sun-Mate Medieval Castle, Western, and Pirate Island Playset Video Review (Playmobile Knockoff)

This is DAY 8 of the 2012 Toy Review Advent Calendar!

Every year at the holidays, many stores put out an aisle of budget toys which often contain cheaper, knockoff versions of some of the popular toys. I came across some pretty cool looking Playmbobile playset knockoffs, and couldn’t resist checking them out!

So join both myself and Stina as we open these sets up, assemble them, and show them off!

Big Bad Toy Store

Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness #9

It’s a whole lotta madness in episode #9! Join Pixel Dan and Stina as they open up a bunch of blind bag mini figures!

In today’s installment, we’ll be opening up:

  • -Mickey and Donald by Panini
  • -Trash Pack Series 1 by Moose Toys
  • -Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies by Blip Toys
  • -Marvel Heroics
  • -Playmobil Mini Figure Series 2
  • -Hello Kitty Mini Figure by Upper Deck
  • -Megabloks Halo Series 5
  • -10-Doh! by http://www.SquidKidsInk.com

Special thanks to Petteri, Doug & ‘The Boy,’ Cavillier, Jarrod, and Janet for donating such awesome mini figures!

Big Bad Toy Store

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