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Masters of the Universe Classics Mosquitor Follow-Up

After my Mosquitor review, several folks asked about some of the different interchangeability options with the insect legs! So join my for a quick follow-up video where I answer some of your questions!

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Funko Masters of the Universe Pop! Vinyl hi-res images

Funko has released hi-res images of their upcoming Masters of the Universe Pop! Vinyl figures! The first series includes He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, Hordak, and Spikor! I’m not sure on the release date yet, nut I will keep you all posted.

All I know is that I’m very excited for these, being a big fan of the Pop! Vinyl line! That Skeletor is wicked cool!

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Conabunga! Power-Con expands into the world of TMNT!

Power-Con already has the power of Grayskull and the power of the Eye of Thundera… Now it has Turtle Power!  Power-Con’s next show will expand to give fans of TMNT the same treatment Power-Con has given to He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats!

“It was only a matter of time before this happened,” said Val Staples, Power-Con Event Director. “Our 2012 year exceeded expectations and we had already been talking for over a year of how we would expand the show. Given how many of us are big TMNT fans, adding the Conabunga element to Power-Con was perfect.”

Stay tuned for more news about how Power-Con is going green!


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Power-Con ThunderCon 2012 Exclusive T-shirts On Sale Through September

Did you miss out on Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012? Well if so, you missed out on not only a terrific convention, but also some sweet excludsive t-shirts! But don’t worry! You still have a chance to own these fantastic shirts!

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Power-Con 2012: Interview with Jack Olesker

From Power-Con 2012, Pixel Dan sits down and has a chat with Jack Olesker, creator and writer of the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon series.

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Power-Con 2012: Anthony De Longis Weapons Demonstration

From Power-Con 2012, Anthony De Longis, the man known for playing Blade in the 1987 Masters of the Universe live action movie, performed a weapons demonstration.

Learn all about the art of using weapons in the movies, and check out Anthony’s sword and whip skills!

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Power-Con 2012: MOTU 1987 Live Action Movie Panel

From Power-Con 2012 comes the Live the Adventure panel all about the 1987 Masters of the Universe live action movie! Join Anthony De Longis (Blade), Meg Foster (Evil Lyn), Gary Goddard (Director) and Richard Szponder (Pig Boy) as they discuss their memories of filming the movie!

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Power-Con 2012: Legends of Toy Design Panel

From Power-Con 2012, join a panel of talented gentlemen who have all worked on the various Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power toy lines from Mattel, including Martin Arriola, Mark DiCamillo, Eric Scott Frydler, Eric Treadaway, David Wolfram, and Eddy Mosqueda.

Hear some hilarious stories of working at Mattel on the brands, and see some incredibly rare prototypes such as Eldor and Darius!

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Power & Honor Ep. 011 – Castle Grayskull Playset (1982)

Welcome to Power & Honor: The World of Masters of the Universe Toys! Join host “Pixel Dan” Eardley as he takes you on a tour of these classic action figures and playsets! Each episode will focus on a different piece from the various He-Man and She-Ra toy lines!

In episode 011, it’s time to take a look at the most iconic piece from the vintage MOTU toy line! Released in 1982, Castle Grayskull is constantly referred to as one of the greatest playsets ever produced!

This episode debuted at the 2012 Power-Con in California, and now is available for the whole world to see!

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Power-Con 2012: Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull Statue

From Power-Con 2012, take an up-close look at the upcoming Castle Grayskull statue from Icon Heroes!

Video after the jump!




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