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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 014 – Video Power (The Game Show)

It’s that time again! The Videocade Commentaries is back, and ready to have some fun! No cartoons this time around. Instead, the gang is watching an amazing episode of the second season of Video Power, which switched formats to become a game show!

Join Pixel Dan, Jerky Ito, and Eric the Great, along with a very special guest, as they scope out this totally rad video game game show!

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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 003 – The Wolverine

Grab a seat and get comfortable! You’re in the Geek Easy!

Joining me once again is my good friend Jonathan, as we’re diving back into the cinematic comic book universe! This time, we’re examining the most recent release in the X-Men movie franchise from Fox Films: The Wolverine.

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 013 – Earthworm Jim (Pilot Episode)

GROOVY! It’s time for another Videocade Commentaries! Today, Pixel Dan, Plain ol’ Jerk, and Lower Back Pain Man are checking out the pilot episode of the Earthworm Jim animated series! Warning: this cartoon is REALLY GOOD! Therefore, we spend a lot of time just watching and laughing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well! Don’t forget to scream when you hear the secret word!

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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 002 – Making Toys with Spy Monkey Creations

Welcome back to The Geek Easy! This episode has a genuine speak easy feel, as it was recording from Hennessy’s Taverns in San Diego!

Taking a break from San Diego Comic Con, Pixel Dan sat down to have a drink and a chat with special guest Brian T Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 012 – Pac-Man (Pilot Episode)

Nom Nom Nom. Hope you’re ready to monch on a new Videocade Commentaries episode! This time around, Pixel Dan, the commentator formerly known as Ito, and Eric Man are watching the pilot episode of the cartoon that basically started video game cartoons! So grab a handful of power pellets, it’s time for Hanna-Barbera’s Pac-Man!

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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 001 – Man of Steel

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Geek Easy Podcast! Pull yourself up a chair, grab yourself a beverage, settle in and get cozy. We’re about to go on one geeky ride!

Today, we’re talking Man of Steel. The film has been out for a little while now, and has done quite well for itself. But what did I think of the film? We’re going to go into that in detail today!

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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 000 – Introduction

Welcome to my latest project: The Geek Easy Podcast! Come on in, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to listen in on the geekiest of discussions. Toys and the hobby of collecting, nerdy new movies – all geek, all the time!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 011 – Video Power (The Power Team)

Welcome to episode 11! Today’s episode was highly requested, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch this with you! So get ready to join Ito the Jerk, P-Danny, and Nice Guy Eric for a viewing of Video Power starring Johnny Arcade and featuring The Power Team! It’s like Captain N the Game Master…but with all Acclaim characters that no one knows! NOW THAT’S VIDEO POWER!

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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 010 – Super Mario Bros Super Show

When a video game becomes popular, it’s not uncommon to find merchandise such as posters, comics, or even action figures based on characters from the games. But some video games get the honor of being turned into an animated series! Some of these cartoons are good, most are not so good, but they are ALL fun!

The Videocade Commentaries is a podcast series where three guys who love video games offer their own commentary on these cartoons! Join RetrowareTV.com alumni “Pixel Dan” Eardley, Lance “Ito” Cortez, and Eric Lappe as they watch these cartoons with YOU!

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Positively Nerdy Podcast #75 – The Magic Kingdom

I once again had the pleasure of being a guest on the awesome Positively Nerdy podcast. The topic of discussion this time is one that I very much enjoy: The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World! If you’re a Disney Parks fan, you’re going to love this one! Click on through and give the show a listen!

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