Kabuto Mushi Interview with TheGodBeast at C2E2 2014


Pixel Dan catches up with Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen to talk Kabuto Mushi, Bio-Masters, and more at C2E2 2014!

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Toyfinity Toys Robo Force and Mordles Interview at C2E2 2014


Pixel Dan catches up with John Kent from Toyfinity Toys at C2E2 2014!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Toyline Interview at C2E2 2014


Pixel Dan catches up with Mark Anthony Vasquez of Fantastic Plastic Toys at C2E2 2014 to talk Mystical Warriors of the Ring!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Exclusive Playmat and Mini Figure Colorways Video Review


Join me for a look at the cool new Playmat and colorways from the Mystical Warriors of the Ring mini figure line!

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Nerd City Toy Exclusives for C2E2 2014


Nerd City is set to celebrate the spirit of indie toy and art madness this weekend at C2E2 (April 25-27th in Chicago). They’ll be at booth #750 in The Block and will play host to many special guest artists, including The Godbeast, ManOrMonster? Studios, Alexis Ziritt, Ben Spencer, True Cast Studio, Fantastic Plastic Toys, Battle Babies, The Mark Ultra, Toyfinity, JB Roe, Jimbot and Sandtastic Toys and Art.

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Spring Convention Exclusives


Fantastic Plastic Toys is prepping for Spring Convention season with a new colorway of their Mystical Warriors of the Ring line!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Windy City Wreckage Figure Set Video Review


The new 2″ line of anthropomorphic animals known as Mystical Warriors of the Ring launches with the Windy City Wreckage set, including Ulric Wolfram and Goliath! Join me for a look at this set and all of it’s included accessories!

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Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen Interview at C2E2 2013


I caught up with with my good friend Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen at the 2013 C2E2 to check out everything he’s been up to, and get a look at the amazing product he had available!

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Warlords of Wor by ManOrMonster Studios Interview at C2E2 2013


From C2E2, I caught up with Brandon from ManOrMonster? Studios to check out the latest from Warlords of Wor, MOTUMUs, and more!

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History of MiniMates at C2E2 2013


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of MiniMates, Diamond had a cool museum-like display set-up showcasing several MiniMates figures from the past 10 years, and even had an area where you could build your own MiniMates! Click on through to check out images of the display!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Interview at C2E2 2013


From C2E2 2013, I caught up with Mark Vasquez and Maty “TheGodBeast” Hansen to talk about the brand new Mystical Warriors of the Ring toyline that debuted at the show!

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Pixel Dan comes to C2E2 2013 at the Nerd City Booth!

I am happy to announce that I will be at this year’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo on Saturday, April 27th! And while it’s not unusual to find me at a convention like C2E2, this year I’m at a booth, baby! You’ll be able to find me hanging out with the cool cats at the Nerd City booth, #967 located in “The Block!”

If you’re going to be at C2E2 this year, make sure you swing by to say “hi!” I’ll have some “Comparison Time” t-shirts available for sale, and of course my camera will be in hand ready to film! If you’re lucky, I’ll even film YOU!

There are going to be a lot of amazingly talented people stationed at the Nerd City booth with me, such as Ben Spencer (Galaxxor), Marty “TheGodbeast” Hansen, ManOrMonster? Studios (Bog-Nar and Warlords of Wor), Fantastic Plastic Toys (Mystical Warriors of the Ring), and more!

There will be a lot of great exclusives being sold, awesome talent on hand, and if all goes well I may be announcing a special project myself! There’s your teaser, now get out to C2E2!

Hope to see many of you there!

Infection Galaxxor and Lucha Sharks Rudo Rey Mar coming to C2E2


Fans of the Galaxxorverse will be happy to learn that there will be an exlcusive Galaxxor figure and an exlcusive Lucha Sharks figure at next month’s C2E2 convention in Chicago!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Goliath Prototype Revealed

Fantastic Plastic Toys has revealed prototype images of their Goliath figure from the upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring line!

This beast of a figure will stand a little over 2.2″ tall! And what a mean sculpt!

For more pictures and information on this line, click here to check out the official site!

Goliath is set to debut as part of a 2-pack with Ulrich this April at C2E2 in Chicago!

Mystical Warriors of the Ring C2E2 Promo Sheet

Fantastic Plastic Toys has revealed the promo sheet for their upcoming Mystic Warriors of the Ring C2E2 exclusive 2-pack! This also gives us our first look at the fully revealed Gourth figure!

This box set will be available at the Nerd City booth at C2E2 this April! More inforation at MystWarriors.com.

Diamond Select C2E2 2012 Exclusive Battle Beasts MiniMate Figure Review

Battle Beasts! That has been a HOT word as of late! Diamond Select has finally announced their upcoming line of Battle Beasts MiniMates, and kicked the line off with a translucent red Ram exclusive figure at the 2012 Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo.

Join me for a look at this new figure from the line that doesn’t have anything to do with the vintage Battle Beasts toy line from Hasbro other than the name itself!

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